What is Mobile Information Management ?


15 May 2023

What is Mobile Information Management ? 

MIM stands for Mobile Information Management. It is a set of processes, technologies, and tools that help organisations manage, secure, and distribute mobile data and applications. MIM solutions allow organisations to control access to data and applications, monitor usage and enforce policies. This helps to ensure that sensitive information remains secure and that users have access to the data and applications they need when they need them.

MIM aims to enable organisations to manage the growing volume of data and applications being generated and accessed by mobile devices while ensuring that the information remains secure and protected. This includes corporate data, such as email and business documents, and personal data, such as contacts and media files.

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MIM solutions can help organisations:

  1. Improve security: By implementing security measures such as encryption, password protection, and remote wiping, MIM solutions can help organisations secure sensitive information on mobile devices.
  2. Enhance productivity: MIM solutions can help users work more efficiently and effectively by providing access to business data and applications.
  3. Meet compliance requirements: MIM solutions can help organisations meet regulatory and industry standards, such as data privacy laws, by providing the necessary controls and reporting capabilities.
  4. Simplify management: MIM solutions provide a centralised platform for managing mobile devices and the data they contain, which can help organisations simplify the management of their mobile fleet.

Overall, MIM helps organisations effectively manage and secure their mobile data and applications while improving productivity, meeting compliance requirements, and simplifying management.

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