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Billing and device analytics drive managed mobility cost savings

28 June 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Australian enterprise 'loses' $100,000 worth of laptops over two year period.  85% of telco carrier invoices are paid without any form of audit.  Transparent device and billing analytics deliver quantifiable mobility cost savings.

Australian enterprises focused on  managed endpoints, not just phones

30 May 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

As the corporate mobility market matures, Australian enterprises are looking to expand from managed smartphones to managed endpoints.

Visibility of spend is key to reducing corporate mobility costs

17 April 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Can employees see what their mobility costs are and where they are coming from?  Is there accurate budgeting, accountability and consequences for overspend?  Cost visibility is crucial to driving down corporate mobility costs.

VoicePlus Atrium Managed Mobility is integrated with ServiceNow

21 February 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

As more Australian enterprises adopt ServiceNow to deliver IT or HR services, VoicePlus has integrated its award-winning Atrium Managed Mobility Service with the platform.

Staff turnover is costing Australian corporates 10% of their mobility bill

22 February 2017 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Studies published by the Australian Institute of Management and Australian Human Resources Institute put average staff turnover at 14-20% per annum. Not managing mobile devices and services for this group is costing Australian business.

Australian Managed Mobility Service named in Gartner White Paper

07 September 2016 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Atrium Managed Mobility Service, developed by Sydney-based VoicePlus,  is the only Australian solution to be recognised in a white paper published by Gartner.

8 reasons why outsourcing mobile management makes sense

01 September 2016 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Mobile management  has traditionally fallen into the lap of the IT department for many Australian businesses.  Yet so many mobility tasks are not really IT… Is outsourcing mobile management the answer for the time-poor IT department?

Gartner awards global recognition to VoicePlus Atrium managed mobility

24 August 2016 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

VoicePlus has achieved global recognition for its Atrium Managed Mobility solution from leading industry research giant, Gartner.   VoicePlus is one of 13 companies worldwide - and the only Australian MMS provider - to be featured in the Gartner white paper - Competitive Landscape: Independent Telecom Expense Management Providers 2016 - which has been published in the UK. UPDATE: VoicePlus has also appeared in the 2017 Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management and been invited for review in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services.

What to do when management says: cut mobility costs!

15 August 2016 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Telco costs are typically 3% of revenue, and one of the top five costs for Australian business. This makes them a prime target when management go hunting for company-wide savings.  Cutting the cost of mobility will have a significant impact on overall bottom-line telco costs.  But there are many barriers to cutting the cost of mobility.

Self-service cuts mobility costs

15 August 2016 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Up to 70% of chief procurement officers are looking to invest in self service to reduce costs.

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