What Is Device Retrieval Program ?


15 October 2023

A device retrieval program is a system or process in place for an organisation to retrieve their devices (such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets) from employees who are leaving the company or transferring to another department. This program helps to ensure that the organisation's sensitive data and intellectual property are protected and that the devices are returned in good working condition.

A device retrieval program typically involves the following steps:

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  1. Notification: Employees are notified of the device retrieval program when they are leaving the company or transferring to another department.

  2. Collection: Devices are collected from the employees, usually by IT personnel or a designated team.

  3. Data wipe: The devices are wiped clean of any sensitive data or personal information.

  4. Inspection: The devices are inspected to ensure they are in good working condition and that any damage has been recorded.

  5. Asset management: The devices are recorded in the organisation's asset management system and reassigned to another employee or put into storage.


The device retrieval program helps to ensure that an organisation's sensitive data is protected, that devices are returned in good working condition, and that the organisation's assets are properly managed. It also helps to reduce the risk of data breaches and minimise the costs associated with purchasing new devices.


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