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The return of Google Glass

03 June 2019 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Google Glass Enterprise 2 offers a world of hands-free information and tools for workers and businesses.

 Google has announced an update for its Glass augmented reality (AR) headset. The new model is the second in the Glass Enterprise Edition series, offering more processing power and an improved camera. With a focus on workplace applications, it's a long way from the gone, but not forgotten launch of Glass back in 2013.

Although the original consumer version created a lot of hype, it saw very little commercial success, as a result of poor marketing and a lack of early adopters. This new adaptation directly helps workers by offering hands-free access to a wide range of information and tools across an even more extensive range of industries.

Smarter, faster and safer.

Built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 platform, Glass 2 offers a significantly more powerful CPU and a new artificial intelligence engine. Which, according to Google, enables significant power savings, enhanced performance and support for computer vision and advanced machine learning capabilities.

 The improved 8mp camera offers even better performance for Glass's already impressive first-person video streaming. While the inclusion of a USB-C port supports faster charging, and a partnership with Smith Optics offers safety frames, making Glass 2 ready for even the toughest workplaces. 

 Applying Glass 2 to the workplace.

 Google Glass Enterprise 2 offers hands-free workplace solutions that can significantly improve efficiency in the workplace with smarter and safer work practices. By having the tools or information needed readily accessible, there are countless applications to save time and money, such as;

  • A warehouse worker can scan and tick items off a checklist while packing a box with both hands.
  • A technician can read a report or instruction manual while fixing a piece of machinery in real time.
  • A skilled trainer can teach a class from the point of view perspective from off-site.

With a growing number of global customers such as AGCO, Deutsche Post DHL Group, and Sutter Health, the possibilities seem endless. And as the 5G network in Australia rolls out completely; the Glass 2 will begin to see it’s full potential reached, as the speed which it can reach and deliver data to the end user increases, more and more real-time applications will be realised.

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