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Five reasons to want an Apple credit card?

15 May 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

What could entice you to add another credit card to your wallet - specifically an Apple credit card? Here's five reasons to consider it - when or if it ever becomes available in Australia.

Best Practice Guide: Facts about SIP Migration 2019

02 May 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

The enforced disconnection of PSTN and ISDN business lines is the most common reason that businesses in 2019 are moving to SIP technology. Other benefits are scalability, reliability, remote working options, unified comms and cost savings. 

Macquarie to enter Australian mobile market with used smartphone offer

30 April 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Macquarie Group has taken the telco giants by surprise with news breaking that it will enter the Australian market as a virtual retailer with a used smartphone and SIM bundle strategy.

Major NBN and ISDN delays as techs miss 469 appointments a day

28 April 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Rumours of serious delays caused by a shortage of technicians have been confirmed with NBN Co admitting it is 'missing' 469 appointments every day.

Downer uses AI to harvest Sydney trains with brains

20 April 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Downer is collecting data every ten minutes from 300 IoT sensors and 90 cameras positioned on each Sydney Waratah train, then using AI to deliver insights from the "trains with brains."

Alone Together: The impact screens are having on our family time

17 April 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Research has shown that screen-time is keeping us at home together more often, but we are not using the extra time to talk to each other.

Lose your licence this Easter / ANZAC day for using your phone while driving

16 April 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Double demerits are enforced for 8 days this Easter and ANZAC Day holiday period. From Thursday 18 April to Monday 22 April 2017 inclusive you could lose ten demerit points for illegally using your mobile phone while driving.

VoicePlus Atrium Managed Mobility solution adopted by Australian enterprise

09 April 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

What do Australia's leading elevator provider, a mining utility, a retail fashion group, an automotive engineering company, and a beverage manufacturer, have in common? They are all Australian enterprise companies who have adopted the Atrium Managed Mobility Service by VoicePlus.

Top 5 Tips to Reduce Mobile Fleet Costs

01 April 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Mobile endpoint costs are skyrocketing as the number of business-critical devices continues to grow. Here is the top 5 tips for enterprise and business to optimise spend without compromising productivity.

Apple event: more celebrity than substance?

28 March 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

What do we remember the most about Apple's latest event ?  Most of the coverage has focused on the number of celebrities that attended - oh and Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and Apple Card were announced too.

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