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A mobile phone is the only phone that most employees need says Gartner

16 June 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

A mobile phone for calling and messaging, in tandem with a meeting solution, can meet most employee requirements; potentially saving up to 50% per user per month, says Gartner.


The assertions were made in a research paper: Cost Optimisation: The Mobile Phone Is the Only Phone the Digital Workplace Employee Needs, which was published on on 5 June 2018, by Katja Ruud, Steve Blood, and Rafael A Benitez

Cost Optimisation is reason to switch from Unified Communications to Mobile-only

Digital workplaces require three essential communications elements: calls, messages and meetings. In an effort to ensure that all employees have access to the necessary productivity tools, enterprises tend to make blanket deployments of features and applications.
In theory, this means that no employee misses out on any corporate applications that  may be of use to them. However, in practice, this approach effectively guarantees that some users have more than they need or use. This has three negative impacts: 
  • Under-utilised applications
  • Users who are confused by the applications they do not need
  • Wasted costs

A mobile subscription for calling and messaging, in tandem with a meeting solution, can meet most enterprise voice and collaboration requirements. This could mean savings of up to 50% per user per month, compared with the current UC environment. 

Gartner mobile only solution

Identify Users that can be switched to mobile-only

It is crucial that application leaders identify the elements of their workforce that would be most appropriate for a mobile-only strategy, says Gartner. 

Replacing UC and fixed voice access with mobile is likely to be more applicable to so-called non-routine or creative work. This could include employees in design, marketing, engineering, sales - any role that is hot-desking or remote-working.

Most organisations will be able to replace UC and fixed voice with mobile solutions to a greater or lesser extent. Further, it is likely that all organisations will be able to take some costs out without compromising functionality. Even in the enterprise profile with lowest percentage of non-routine workers, they still constitute some 25% of the total workforce.

Only buy Mobile Packages that offer unlimited voice plans

Gartner estimates, more than 90% of all enterprise mobile users globally have access to unlimited voice plans and features like messaging and voicemail.

Mobile pricing also continues to decline by about 5% to 10% each year, meaning that the price difference between mobile and fixed line costs continues to narrow. Thus, mobile usage is no longer expensive in real or relative terms compared with competing services. But a failure to purchase unlimited voice plans can compromise cost optimisation.

Free 12-step guide to cut mobile costs


Australian enterprise mobility cost optimisation

VoicePlus is a Gartner associate and the only Australian vendor to be included in the Gartner 2017 Telecom Expense Management Market Guide. 

Our Atrium Managed Mobility solution delivers digital transformation of enterprise mobility. The SaaS product provides

  • cost optimisation with ROI and savings guarantee
  • lifecycle management which is integrated with your HR data
  • device security management (EMM) AirWatch, Intune, SOTI
  • 24/7 accountable procurement 
  • Help Desk support 

Atrium has a proven track record with leading Australian enterprises including Coca-Cola Amatil, KONE, Weir Minerals, CNH Industrial and Specialty Fashion Group.

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