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TPG Telecom opens Innovation Lab in Sydney

13 July 2021 by TPG 0 Comments

TPG Telecom opens Innovation Lab in Sydney Wednesday, 7 July 2021 – TPG Telecom has opened an Innovation Lab at Glebe in Sydney to drive product and technology innovation, including network virtualisation and emerging 5G applications for industry. The new facility is a first of its kind for TPG Telecom and will provide a single integrated site for vendors to trial their emerging 5G related technologies. TPG Telecom Executive General Manager Mobile and Fixed Networks Barry Kezik said the new Innovation Lab comprises an on-site data centre and rooftop mobile site, allowing vendors to partner with TPG Telecom to accelerate the adoption of solutions including vRAN, Mobile Edge Computing, mobile private networks and Open RAN. “This is an incredibly exciting new initiative that will allow us to explore end to end cloud native 5G infrastructure and unleash the full potential of 5G in driving industry digitisation and automation,” Mr Kezik said. “Not only will this allow us to evaluate innovations in 5G network infrastructure to deliver better customer experience with lower cost, the real potential here is to unlock 5G’s high throughput and ultra- low latency capabilities for industry verticals. “We are talking about utilising augmented reality and virtual reality for smart training, low latency remote control for mining and transportation, and smart city applications in collaboration with artificial intelligence and machine learning.” Mr Kezik said the Innovation Lab will also enable TPG Telecom to benchmark and understand the potential return on investment of different vendor radio technology through on-site trials. “Having the ability to partner and trial different radio technology with different vendors within the Innovation Lab allows for greater ease in benchmarking performance,” Mr Kezik said. The first vendor partner to utilise the new TPG Telecom Innovation Lab will be Samsung.

Cybercriminals targeting construction companies to conduct email scams

Cybercriminals are targeting construction companies to conduct business email compromise scams. All parties to construction projects should be vigilant when emailing about invoices and bank details.

ACSC - Security Update - Chrome Browser

Google released Chrome version 91.0.4472.114 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The patch notes for this version can be viewed at Chrome Release Note.

Intune Update 2106

13 July 2021 by Microsoft 0 Comments

Week of July 5, 2021 Device security Settings catalog support for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on macOS We’ve added the settings to manage Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on macOS to the Intune settings catalog to configure Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on macOS.

Apple introduces new developer tools and technologies to create even better apps

13 July 2021 by Apple 0 Comments

Xcode Cloud will help developers build apps even faster, and new App Store features enable developers to reach more users  

Knox Manage release notes

13 July 2021 by Samsung 0 Comments

This Knox Manage v21.6 release scheduled to go live on June 16, 2021 includes several improvements and enhancements to existing features and functionality.

How VoicePlus' Development Team Use Scrum

17 June 2021 by Ambreen Riaz 0 Comments

What is Scrum? Scrum is a lightweight agile process framework used primarily for managing software development. Scrum processes are cyclical, repeating every few weeks. Product Owners provide requirements, in the form of Stories (short narrative descriptions). The Team of developers and QA engineers implements the Stories in a Sprint of 2—4 weeks in length. During the Sprint, Team members work with Product Owners to refine and clarify requirements, to ensure proper implementation. Final requirements are defined by test cases created by QA engineers, and are used to validate each story to confirm that it is complete.

ENCRYPTION - What does it Mean

17 June 2021 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Encryption Whenever you send private data to another computer or server on the internet, which happens many times a day, thereis some risk involved. It's a bit like Little Red Riding Hood's mother sending her to her grandmother's house on the other side of the woods. Those woods, which she has to cross alone without defence, have an assortment of dangers.

Samsung is helping Walmart transform the retail associate experience

17 June 2021 by Samsung 0 Comments

At Samsung Electronics, we’re passionate about bringing game-changing innovation and value to our enterprise customers. And we’re proud to equip these companies with the best-in-class technology and services they need to increase mobility, offer seamless digital experiences, and keep their information safe.

Critical vulnerability discovered in HTTP.SYS in Microsoft Windows

A remote code execution vulnerability could enable a malicious cyber actor to compromise vulnerable Microsoft Windows hosts. The ACSC strongly recommends applying available patches.

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