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TPG Telecom opens Innovation Lab in Sydney

13 July 2021 by TPG 0 Comments

TPG Telecom opens Innovation Lab in Sydney Wednesday, 7 July 2021 – TPG Telecom has opened an Innovation Lab at Glebe in Sydney to drive product and technology innovation, including network virtualisation and emerging 5G applications for industry. The new facility is a first of its kind for TPG Telecom and will provide a single integrated site for vendors to trial their emerging 5G related technologies. TPG Telecom Executive General Manager Mobile and Fixed Networks Barry Kezik said the new Innovation Lab comprises an on-site data centre and rooftop mobile site, allowing vendors to partner with TPG Telecom to accelerate the adoption of solutions including vRAN, Mobile Edge Computing, mobile private networks and Open RAN. “This is an incredibly exciting new initiative that will allow us to explore end to end cloud native 5G infrastructure and unleash the full potential of 5G in driving industry digitisation and automation,” Mr Kezik said. “Not only will this allow us to evaluate innovations in 5G network infrastructure to deliver better customer experience with lower cost, the real potential here is to unlock 5G’s high throughput and ultra- low latency capabilities for industry verticals. “We are talking about utilising augmented reality and virtual reality for smart training, low latency remote control for mining and transportation, and smart city applications in collaboration with artificial intelligence and machine learning.” Mr Kezik said the Innovation Lab will also enable TPG Telecom to benchmark and understand the potential return on investment of different vendor radio technology through on-site trials. “Having the ability to partner and trial different radio technology with different vendors within the Innovation Lab allows for greater ease in benchmarking performance,” Mr Kezik said. The first vendor partner to utilise the new TPG Telecom Innovation Lab will be Samsung.

Why did TPG really cancel its mobile network?

06 February 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

TPG has called a halt to its $600 million mobile network build, blaming the Government's ban on the use of Huawei equipment, but that may only be half the story...

Vodafone and TPG announce $15 billion merger; challenge Telstra and Optus

30 August 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Australia's third and fourth largest telecommunications companies, TPG Telecom and Vodafone Group's local subsidiary have confirmed they merge "to create a more effective challenger to Telstra and Optus."

Telstra tap Indian experience for top role in restructure

01 August 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Telstra has appointed Nikos Katinakis, currently at the Indian mobile carrier Jio, to head its new restructured joint Networks and IT function. 

Fixed line NBN or fixed wireless NBN? Telco's deliver transparency

14 July 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

  Telstra and TPG have begun publishing performance data which allows consumers to compare fixed line NBN speeds with fixed wireless NBN speeds.

TPG mobile network takes shape with 600 towers in proposal stage

09 July 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

TPG has almost 600 mobile tower sites in proposal stage, as the carrier begins to deliver on its plans to aggressively enter the 4G market. This represents 30 percent of its proposed mobile network. 

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