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Combating phone fraud: have your say on new rules

  he ACMA is consulting on proposed new rules to help prevent scammers from targeting high-risk customer interactions with telcos, such as SIM swap requests, changes to accounts and disclosure of personal information.

Iranian Government-Sponsored APT Cyber Actors

FBI and CISA have observed an Iranian government-sponsored APT group that are exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access to systems. The APT group has exploited the same Microsoft Exchange vulnerability in Australia.

Vulnerability - Palo Alto firewalls utilising the GlobalProtect VPN component

A vulnerability has been identified in certain versions of Palo Alto firewalls utilising the GlobalProtect VPN component. Affected Australian organisations should apply the available update as soon as possible. Alert status - HIGH

Critical vulnerability present in certain versions of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft has identified active exploitation of a vulnerability in Microsoft Excel. Affected Australian organisations should apply the available security update as soon as possible.

Intune Service Release 2111

23 November 2021 by Microsoft 0 Comments

App management Enable app update priority for Managed Google Play apps You can set the update priority of Managed Google Play apps on dedicated, fully managed, and corporate-owned with a work profile Android Enterprise devices. Select High Priority to update an app as soon as the developer has published the update, regardless of charge status, Wi-Fi capability, or end user activity on the device. For related information, see Add Managed Google Play apps to Android Enterprise devices with Intune.

Security Challenges - US

27 September 2021 by Zoho 0 Comments

Remote Work Drives U.S. Surge in Security Challenges, Cloud Usage: ManageEngine Report Top 3 Attack Vectors Are Phishing, Endpoint Network Attacks and Malware; 74% of US Companies Increased Their Use of Cloud Solutions Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

ACSC - High Alert - Apple IOS, Macos and Safari

Critical vulnerabilities present in certain versions of Apple iOS, macOS and Safari

ACSC - Microsoft Azure Service - Critical Alert

A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Open Management Infrastructure, a management agent used in certain Linux-based Microsoft Azure services. Exploitation of this vulnerability could allow a malicious actor to take control of the vulnerable host. Affected organisations should apply the available security update.

2021-006: ACSC Ransomware Profile - Lockbit 2.0

  ACSC has observed an increase in reporting of LockBit 2.0 ransomware incidents in Australia. The LockBit ransomware restricts access to corporate files and systems by encrypting them into a locked and unusable format. Victims receive instructions on how to engage with the offenders after encryption. LockBit affiliates have successfully deployed ransomware on corporate systems in a variety of countries and sectors, including Australia, where the ACSC is aware of numerous incidents since 2020. LockBit affiliates are known to implement the ‘double extortion’ technique by uploading stolen and sensitive victim information to their dark web site ‘LockBit 2.0’, and threatening to sell and/or release this information if their ransom demands are not met.

Cybercriminals targeting construction companies to conduct email scams

Cybercriminals are targeting construction companies to conduct business email compromise scams. All parties to construction projects should be vigilant when emailing about invoices and bank details.

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