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Europe’s largest 5G research network goes live in Germany

17 May 2020 by Ericsson 0 Comments

Europe’s largest 5G research network, powered by Ericsson 5G products and solutions, has gone live in Aachen Germany. Comprising multiple partners, the 5G Industry Campus Europe aims to develop and implement applications and solutions for digitized and networked production to benefit 5G production across Europe and beyond.

Ten ways to improve mobile reception

31 March 2020 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Without a Signal Booster 1: Don't move around when using voice or data on your phone. When you move around, the phone and network constantly adjust to your changing location. The movement makes it harder to find and hold on to strong signals.


19 November 2019 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Before 5G.  The mighty and powerful 5G is rolling into our lives, and a lot of businesses aren’t quite ready. So, use this simple guide to better prepare yourself, as 5G is a big one. It’s going to change a lot, and you want to make sure you’re making the most of it - both at work and at home. 

Technician shortage means business should act now to replace ISDN

26 February 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

A shortage of nbn technicians is already causing delays of 3-4 months for businesses in some regions of NSW who are waiting to migrate off ISDN.

Business needs to act now as ISDN shutdown deadline looms

12 February 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Businesses who don't start the process of migrating away from their ISDN lines now, risk getting caught in a massive bottleneck as the September deadline looms.

ISDN disconnections start September 2019. Is your business ready?

28 November 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

First it was the old copper PSTN lines making way for the NBN. Next comes the enforced disconnection of ISDN lines which will begin in September 2019. 

Samsung unveils 5G City, takes on Huawei for 5G equipment market

30 July 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

  Samsung has given us a 'sneak peak' at its 5G City, as the Korean tech giant announces it wants 20 percent of the global 5G network equipment market by 2020.

Fixed line NBN or fixed wireless NBN? Telco's deliver transparency

14 July 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

  Telstra and TPG have begun publishing performance data which allows consumers to compare fixed line NBN speeds with fixed wireless NBN speeds.

Telstra to lose Networks boss on eve of 5G

10 July 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

  Telstra has announced the unexpected departure of Mike Wright, GM Networks, the most senior executive involved in planning for the launch of the telco's 5G network.

Australian small businesses are most vulnerable to ransomware attacks

16 May 2017 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Australian small businesses are most at risk of ransomware attacks because they sit at the juncture of money and vulnerability. 

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