TPG and Optus Complete Network Sharing Deal


26 June 2024

In a landmark move, Optus and TPG Telecom signed a network sharing agreement to revolutionise regional mobile services in Australia. This deal enhances connectivity and brings unprecedented benefits to businesses and communities across vast and diverse terrains. As an independent telecom provider, our team at VoicePlus is uniquely positioned to help companies navigate this new connectivity landscape with our Atrium platform, ensuring seamless site and branch connectivity. Here’s why:

Enhanced Connectivity for Regional Australia

Under the Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN) agreement, TPG Telecom will gain access to 2,444 Optus mobile network sites in regional Australia. This expansion will increase TPG’s 4G coverage from around 400,000 to approximately 1,000,000 square kilometres, covering 98.4% of the Australian population. This significant enhancement promises to improve connectivity for regional businesses and communities, fostering economic growth and social inclusion. Through our Atrium platform, VoicePlus acts as an extra hand to deploy equipment to remote sites to ensure that businesses can:

  1. Resolve remote or small site connectivity with 4G/5G services
  2. Reduce installation and time delays with next-day deployment of 4G/5G services
  3. Resolve mobile coverage issues

Benefits of the Agreement

The Optus and TPG deal offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Service Quality and Capacity: Spectrum sharing improves service quality and capacity for both companies.
  • Accelerated 5G Rollout: Faster deployment of 5G infrastructure in regional areas, with 1,500 5G sites by 2028 and 2,444 by 2030.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduced combined network rollout costs, allowing both companies to optimise their infrastructure and deliver better services at a lower price.
  • Increased Coverage: The significant expansion of TPG’s network coverage provides better connectivity to more Australians.

This accelerated rollout improves connectivity and allows both companies to optimise their infrastructure and deliver better services at a lower cost.

The Competitive Edge

This network sharing agreement significantly alters the competitive landscape, providing consumers with more choices and better services. Unlike the previous TPG-Telstra deal blocked by the ACCC, this agreement showcases a feasible commercial arrangement that benefits all parties involved. TPG Telecom expects to accelerate mobile subscriber growth by reducing churn and increasing the addressable market while Optus solidifies its position as a leading provider of mobile services in Australia.

Ensuring Robust and Secure Connectivity

A key aspect of the agreement is that both Optus and TPG will maintain independent control of their core networks, ensuring security and resiliency. This independence allows each provider to differentiate their services and maintain robust security measures. In this evolving landscape, having a reliable enterprise mobility strategy is crucial. VoicePlus, through our Atrium platform, plays a vital role in enhancing security and connectivity, providing businesses with the tools they need to stay connected and secure in this new era.

The Future of Regional Connectivity

The Optus and TPG network sharing agreement marks a transformative step in regional connectivity, offering enhanced 4G and 5G services and greater choice for consumers. As this new era of connectivity unfolds, VoicePlus is here to help businesses leverage these advancements through our Atrium platform, ensuring seamless site and branch connectivity and robust security. Get in touch with our experts to explore how we can help you navigate connectivity options for your business.


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