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Phone Scams

10 May 2021 by ACMA 0 Comments

Phone scams Scams target everyone. Scammers use stealth, surprise and clever tactics to get what they want, which may be your money or your personal details. No-one is too smart to be scammed. But, there are things you can do to help spot—and stop—a phone scam. Report scams to Scamwatch If you think you’ve been scammed, tell your bank and phone company immediately.

Atrium - Multi-Carrier Support

27 April 2021 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Australia’s First Managed Mobility and Endpoint Solution provider now supports Multi-Carrier and Multi-Vendor through its Leading Australian Proprietary Atrium Solution.

Budget for Managed Mobility to enable digital transformation in FY20

21 May 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Enterprises planning to initiate a digital transformation project in FY20 should consider budgeting for a managed mobility service.

Australian business moves to leverage Managed Mobility Service

08 January 2019 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

The demand for Managed Mobility Services (MMS) is growing fast across the globe and the trend is being embraced by Australian businesses.

Mobile is the weak link in digital transformation

29 November 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Mobile is crucial to a mature digital transformation strategy, yet most CIOs acknowledge they have gaps in their mobile management.

Build on your knowledge of mobile management with VoicePlus

29 August 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Mobile technology is not only a business-critical process, it is also evolving constantly. Build your knowledge of mobile management tools and technologies with VoicePlus Mobile Management Resources Library.

Unified Endpoint Management to displace MDM and CMT says Gartner

28 August 2018 by Michelle Lewis 1 Comment

  Gartner predicts that 80% of worker tasks will take place on a mobile device by 2020, increasing the momentum to adopt UEM as a single endpoint console.

Australian I.T. teams don't want to manage mobility

18 July 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

If IT managers had their way they would not be responsible for managing corporate mobility. A Gigaom Research IT Buyers Survey, asked IT managers whether they would be willing to outsource mobility management and the answer was a resounding 'Yes, get this off my plate!'

A mobile phone is the only phone that most employees need says Gartner

16 June 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

A mobile phone for calling and messaging, in tandem with a meeting solution, can meet most employee requirements; potentially saving up to 50% per user per month, says Gartner.

Energy costs are an impending problem for CIOs

16 June 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Computing now consumes 8% of the world's electricity and unless a new sustainable technology can be found "the information revolution will stall due to power hunger."

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