Optus Network Outage: Impact, Compensation, and How VoicePlus Can Assist


05 December 2023


When networks falter, the impact is felt far and wide, disrupting individuals and businesses. Australia's second-largest telecommunications company, Optus, experienced such a disruption recently when a significant network outage left millions without service. Let's look at the implications of this outage, Optus' response, and how VoicePlus can assist enterprises in navigating such incidents. 

The Outage and Its Impact

On November 8, 2023, Optus experienced a nationwide network outage that left millions of Australians without service for 14 hours. The cause was identified as a software issue in one of Optus' key network centres, and the outage affected services, including voice calls, text messaging, and internet access for thousands of businesses.

Optus responded to the outage with a large-scale effort, even physically rebooting routers and updating software to fix the issue. The company also apologised for the inconvenience caused and offered compensation to affected customers in the form of free data. However, this response needs to do more to alleviate the impact of the outage on businesses and their operations.

The widespread outage caused considerable frustration and inconvenience for individuals and businesses relying on Optus networks for their day-to-day operations. It also highlighted the importance of robust network infrastructure and proactive measures to mitigate potential disruptions.

Compensation for Customers

In light of the outage, Optus has announced that it will offer compensation to customers impacted by the disruption. This includes a one-off 200GB free data credit for postpaid mobile and fixed services affected by the outage. Prepaid customers will receive unlimited weekend data for the remainder of the 2023.

While this gesture is appreciated, many businesses may have suffered significant losses due to the outage, making it crucial for them to have a contingency plan in place.

How VoicePlus Can Assist

As a leading managed mobility services provider, VoicePlus offers proactive measures and support to help businesses mitigate network disruptions. Our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions provide real-time monitoring of networks and devices, enabling quick identification and resolution of issues.

In an outage, our team is always available for support and can help businesses navigate any disruptions. We also offer tailored solutions to ensure enterprises have reliable and robust network infrastructure to minimise potential downtime.

Don't let a network outage cripple your business operations. Let VoicePlus be your partner in proactively addressing such incidents and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for your enterprise.

Contact us today to learn more about our EMM solutions and how we can support your business through network disruptions. 


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