How Draytek 2865ax Revolutionises Internet Access Across Australia


25 May 2024

Businesses operating remote sites across Australia face unique challenges in maintaining reliable business telco services, with vast distances and diverse terrains often resulting in connectivity issues. With the introduction of the Draytek 2865ax router, businesses can count on stable, high-speed connectivity regardless of their location.

But how do you know if Draytek's right for your business? We're here to break down Draytek 2865ax's features, benefits, and how it can revolutionise your remote site's internet access.


The Power of the Draytek 2865ax Router

The Draytek 2865ax router is a game-changer for business telco needs stretching across Australia's remote landscapes, offering unparalleled connectivity options. Its versatility shines with support for NBN, Ethernet, dual-band wireless, and Mobile 4G connections, ensuring reliable, high-speed internet across diverse terrains.

With advanced features like WIFI 6 technology for faster speeds and efficient management of multiple devices, plus an emergency broadband backup, this router guarantees your operations stay online, no matter where they're located. It's a robust solution tailored to the unique demands of remote site connectivity, making it an essential asset for businesses aiming to thrive off the beaten path.


Maximising Efficiency with Central Management and Advanced Features

Simplifying the complexities of managing remote network operations through its central AP management system, Draytek 2865ax routers significantly reduce the workload on IT teams. This centralised approach allows for streamlined configuration, monitoring, and management of multiple access points from a single interface, enhancing operational efficiency across widespread locations.

Adding to its efficiency, the router's incorporation of WIFI 6 and OFDMA technologies marks a leap forward in wireless connectivity. WIFI 6 ensures faster speeds, reduced latency, and increased capacity, making it ideal for businesses in high-density areas where internet demand is high. OFDMA improves efficiency in these environments by allowing multiple devices to share the same transmission channel, drastically reducing wait times and enhancing user experience. Together, these features ensure businesses can offer reliable, high-speed internet access, a necessity in remote and rugged environments.


Your Partner in Remote Site Management

Operating in challenging and complex environments demands reliable internet access. Navigating the right technology for your business can be daunting, but VoicePlus is here to guide you through the process. Our dedicated experts help you identify and implement the best connectivity solutions for your specific needs, ensuring seamless operations even in the most demanding settings.

VoicePlus provides advisory services to identify the most efficient connectivity solutions, with the Draytek 2865ax router standing out for its robust performance and versatility. We guide you through every step of the setup process, ensuring that your infrastructure is optimised for both immediate needs and future growth. Additionally, the Draytek range offers flexible, cost-effective solutions, enabling adaptation to remote site connectivity requirements without the need to purchase, deploy, and configure new equipment, providing longevity and cost savings.

Ensuring business continuity is at the core of what we do. VoicePlus leverages its deep understanding of the challenges presented by Australia’s diverse landscapes to develop strategic plans that include resilient backup solutions. Our expertise ensures that your operations remain uninterrupted, even in the face of outages. By integrating technologies like the Draytek 2865ax and connecting Starlink and flexible Wireless Access Points, we provide a seamless connectivity experience


Don't Let Geography Limit Your Business's Potential

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help transform your business's communication capabilities and drive operational excellence, regardless of its location. With VoicePlus as your business telco partner, you can be sure you’re implementing the right mobility and connectivity infrastructure for your needs. 

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