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VoicePlus is only Australian vendor cited in 2017 Gartner Market Guide

07 June 2017 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

VoicePlus has been chosen as a global leader in TEMs and is the only Australian provider cited in the Gartner Market Guide: Telecom Expense Management Services 2017.


VoicePlus leading Australian TEMs provider

For the second consecutive year, VoicePlus has been included in a global Gartner research paper for Telecom Expense Management.

The 2017 Market Guide was published by Gartner UK-based analyst, Lisa Unden-Farboud and Sweden-based analyst, Katja Rudd  on 17 May 2017.


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VoicePlus managing director, Michael Giffney, said the achievement is a reflection on the maturity of the Australian corporate telecommunications market; and is the result of VoicePlus's collaboration with Coca-Cola Amatil in developing a world-ranking TEMS solution.

"Australia has a comparatively mature endpoint management market. Australian enterprise companies are very aware of software and technology advances worldwide and are demanding world-class service from their endpoint management providers.

At VoicePlus we have been developing our TEMs solution for over 10 years in collaboration with a foundation enterprise customer, Coca-Cola Amatil. What we are seeing in 2017 is that Internal IT teams have a wide responsibility and see ROI value in outsourcing TEMs and managed mobility services to third party experts."

Coca-Cola Amatil TEMs Case Study Download


Gartner Market Guide Key Findings

The Market Guide reported two key findings:

  • Gartner has seen a 45% rise in  end-user enterprise enquiries about telecom expense management in the past year.
  • Many TEM vendors are extending their scope from fixed and mobile into managed mobility.


45% increase in TEMs enterprise enquiry

The telecom expense management market is mature, but highly fragmented; it continues to generate interest from large domestic, regional and multi-national enterprises. Gartner noted a 45.1% increase in end-user enquiries in 2016 over 2015. In particular, 72% from large enterprises with revenues of $1 billion or more, the Market Guide says.

"Many enterprises report that they are struggling to rein in their telecom service spend, which globally represents 15% of global IT spend. Going forward, enterprises want more visibility and management of their investments on cloud-based services because the rise in such services is breaking telecom budgets and becoming increasingly difficult to contain."

"The continued growth and evolution of enterprise telecom services prompts many companies to evaluate TEM services for ongoing cost optimisation and efficiencies, especially if they lack the internal resources to effectively optimise or have limited governance on telecom and IT procurement over a complex enterprise footprint."

Gartner Market Guide  Telecom Expense Management 2017

Giffney said VoicePlus has seen this increased enquiry reflected across Australian enterprises who are experiencing escalating costs associated with increased scale of usage, inventory, security and management complexity.

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TEMS expanding into Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

Gartner also found that many TEM providers are evolving their offering to include Managed Mobility Services such as automated procurement, asset lifecycle management, and support helpdesks.

Michael Giffney says that in VoicePlus' case, TEMS and MMS have been developed alongside each other and integrated simultaneously into enterprise customers.

"We have found that to deliver the best Telecom Expense Management solution - especially in the mobility space - we have needed to develop optimisation workflows to provide outcomes from our TEMS analysis. This gives our customers a true bottom-line measurable saving."

 Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 9.21.10 PM.png


VoicePlus is the leading Australian TEMS provider

VoicePlus TEMs includes:

  • mobile & fixed optimisation 
  • asset & inventory optimisation
  • carrier bill management
  • business analytics
  • cost savings

 VoicePlus leading Australian TEMS vendor Gartner Market Guide 2017

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