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VoicePlus Atrium Managed Mobility is integrated with ServiceNow

21 February 2018 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

As more Australian enterprises adopt ServiceNow to deliver IT or HR services, VoicePlus has integrated its award-winning Atrium Managed Mobility Service with the platform.

USE CASE: On-boarding new employees

VoicePlus has developed a customised API for a foundational customer, linking our Atrium Managed Mobility environment with ServiceNow.

The principle requirement was to integrate with an employee onboarding process to streamline the procurement of mobile devices for new staff.

The outcome was to improve productivity by having the devices delivered prior to the employee start date. 

  • auto-populates VoicePlus products in the ServiceNow Catalog
  • utilises the ServiceNow Approval System
  • syncs order requests and approval information
  • allows order automation
The outcomes are
  • VoicePlus latest inventory available in ServiceNow self-service portal.
  • ServiceNow admin can re-organise VoicePlus Products across Catalogs/Categories.
  • A customisable Approval workflow.
  • Order status updatesJoin VoicePlus on LinkedIn


ServiceNow Integration since 2016

VoicePlus first developed its ServiceNow API in August 2016. The integration allows VoicePlus to action and complete orders raised through ServiceNow workflows, providing customers with the optimisation benefits of Atrium MMS while using ServiceNow as their front-end platform.

Using ServiceNow's workflows, VoicePlus will integrate to action and complete orders including:

  • New equipment & connections
  • SIM card replacement
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Repairs
  • Service requests
    • Pull of orders & service requests
    • Push of orders & service request confirmation
    • Push of orders & service request status & completion

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VoicePlus has a proven track record in integration

VoicePlus has a proven track record with integration across its business. Some previous integrations completed include:

Snap Engage

  • Live chat functionality integrated with VoicePlus Atrium MMS portals,  Essential portals, and website Contact Us page. Allows end users to engage directly with help desk personnel.

  • Automated pop-up window if no activity for 3 minutes

SnapEngage live chat


International Mass payout solution including prepaid Mastercard and global bank transfer. The functionality includes:

  • End user enrolment into prepaid Mastercard

  • Push payment of consolidated online payout payments up to 1000 transaction per call.

  • Pull data for confirmation and reconciliation of payments


Westpac Integrated Banking Service & International Payment Processing Service (IPPS).

Provides online International Telegraphic Transfer in USD to all countries within international Telegraphic transfer association. The functionality included:

  • Push and Pull of International banking details

  • Push of funds withdrawn

  • Pull of transfer confirmation

  • Pull of rejected funds

Westpac Payment Processing Service


Token credit card payment gateway with multi-currency facilities enabling retain of credit card details for multi period payment request.

  • Push of credit card registration (Token creations)
  • Pull of credit card validation
  • Push & Pull of credit card payment and approval


VoicePlus leading Australian TEMS vendor Gartner Market Guide 2017


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