Types of Managed Mobility Service Providers !


15 May 2023

Managed Mobility Service Providers (MMSPs) vary based on their services. Some MMSPs offer a comprehensive suite of services, while others specialise in specific areas. Here are some types of MMSPs:

  1. Full-Service Providers: These providers offer a comprehensive suite of services covering every aspect of mobility management. This includes device procurement, provisioning and de-provisioning, application management, security, policy enforcement, expense management, and support. Examples include IBM, DXC Technology, and Accenture.
  2. Device Lifecycle Management Providers: These MMSPs specialise in managing the entire lifecycle of a device, from procurement and deployment to maintenance and eventual retirement or recycling. They help companies maintain an up-to-date inventory and ensure all devices are correctly configured and secured.
  3. Telecom Expense Management Providers: These providers specialise in managing mobile communication expenses. They help businesses optimise their mobile plans, audit their bills, manage disputes with carriers, and identify opportunities for cost savings.

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  4. Mobile Security Providers: These MMSPs focus on ensuring the security of mobile devices, apps, and data. They offer services such as mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), mobile threat defence (MTD), and identity and access management (IAM).
  5. Mobile Application Management Providers: These providers help businesses manage and secure mobile applications. This includes distributing, updating, and retiring apps and monitoring app usage and performance.
  6. Identity and Access Management Providers: These MMSPs ensure only authorised users can access corporate resources on mobile devices. They provide single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and user lifecycle management services.
  7. Specialised Industry Providers: Certain MMSPs specialise in providing managed mobility services for specific industries, understanding the unique needs and challenges of industries like healthcare, finance, education, or manufacturing.

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