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What to do when management says: cut mobility costs!

15 August 2016 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Telco costs are typically 3% of revenue, and one of the top five costs for Australian business. This makes them a prime target when management go hunting for company-wide savings. 


Cutting the cost of mobility will have a significant impact on overall bottom-line telco costs.  But there are many barriers to cutting the cost of mobility.

The speed in the growth of mobility, constantly emerging new technology, cross-function responsibility for the mobility budget, and a legacy of systems struggling to cope with increasing mobile complexity, often hamper the ability of Australian business to tackle the task. 

So when management says: cut mobility costs!, where do you start?

Up to 85% of company telecom bills are paid without any audit being undertaken.                                                                Aberdeen Group

A staggering 80% of telecom bills include hidden charges or incorrect billing.                                                                                      Gartner Research

It’s shocking but these are the findings of two of the most respected global industry research organisations, Gartner and Aberdeen Group.

Mobility billing is an obvious area where cost controls can be applied. There is also staff turnover, device optimisation, service plan optimisation, procurement, asset management...the list goes on...

But how to start?

A  MMS (managed mobility service) solution should deliver gross savings of up to 15%.  

These savings can be delivered from the first month of savings strategies being applied. So where and how to get started? 

Fear not, help is at hand. We have written a free guide which outlines 12 practical steps to tackle this task.

You will take a journey from

  • how to strategically approach the task
  • how to identify savings opportunities
  • implementation of savings strategies
  • delivering optimisation outcomes
  • ensuring return on investment
  • relevant reporting and business intelligence analytics 

Download our Free Guide

Who is this Guide for?

This guide has been written with chief information officers and chief financial officers in mind because 9x  out of 10 these are the roles that get tasked with cutting mobility costs.

However, if you are in procurement, business admin, HR or any other role, then this guide is written in everyday language that you will find simple to follow, and this guide is for you too.

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