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VoicePlus kickstarts 2019 with NSW Government accreditation

26 February 2019 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

VoicePlus has kickstarted 2019 by achieving accreditation from the NSW Government as an approved supplier on the Performance and Management Services (PMS) Scheme 0005.

PMS scheme 0005

The accreditation awarded in January 2019 recognises VoicePlus' capabilities in project management of enterprise and government solutions. 

The accreditation covers strategic business intelligence, business process mapping, project management,  cost management and telecommunications.

VoicePlus managing director, Michael Giffney, said the accreditation reflects VoicePlus' robust methodology and results , particularly in delivering carrier bill auditing and fleet optimisation returns to customers.

"In the past three years, we have delivered almost $8 million of audit and optimisation savings to VoicePlus customers.

"We have developed a one-off audit and optimisation product to 'clean up' endpoint fleets; and we also offer a monthly audit and optimisation service where we match actual consumption to the optimal carrier plan, disconnect unused services, and capture and resolve billing errors. This is part of our Atrium Managed Mobility product." 

Audit your corporate mobile fleet with VoicePlus

VoicePlus accreditation in the PMS Scheme 0005 covers the following capabilities:

1. Government and Business Strategy
  • 1e. Business Intelligence: Comprehensive market analysis and benchmarking - Identifying best industry practices domestically and internationally
  • 1f. Cost Management: Performance improvement frameworks / programmes, demand management program development, cost models, pricing models - Establishing base line financials, processes and ways of working to compare proposed changes or best practice
2. Business Processes
  • 2a. Business Process Mapping/Re-engineering: Mapping current processes and workflows - Business process review, gap analysis, evaluation and re-design. Business process outsourcing, feasibility and improvement strategies - Gateway reviews, advice and guidance on document development.
3. Project Management
  • 3a. Project Management: Leading and managing projects using best practice tools, qualified staff and following recognised project management methodology - Project planning in advance of starting the project - Facilitation services (e.g. 'Lean', 'Agile', 'Design Thinking')
5Financial Services
  • 5a. Accounting Services: Financial modelling and financial benchmarking - Budget/target setting, management, review - Data analytics. Identifying trends in large databases. Consolidating data from different sources - Spend optimisation review/management
  • 5c. Finance Process reviews: Mapping current processes and workflows within finance teams and systems
  • 5d. Asset Management: Cash flow / balance sheets / working capital / asset management
13. Telecommunications
  • 13a. Telecommunications Consultancy: Telecoms and infrastructure advice


Anna Acopian VoicePlus benchmark enterprise mobility

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