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VoicePlus is Telstra Platinum Partner 2019

18 January 2019 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

VoicePlus has achieved the status of Telstra Platinum Partner, Mobility; for 2019.

This accreditation acknowledges that VoicePlus provides expert capability and service to Telstra enterprise and business customers

VoicePlus Telstra Platinum Partner 2019

Reflects expansion of VoicePlus Managed Services

Managing Director of VoicePlus, Michael Giffney, attributes the elevation to Platinum Partner status to the success of VoicePlus's managed services portfolio - which complements Telstra services.

2018 was the year that VoicePlus and Telstra collaborated to bring the Atrium Managed Mobility solution to customers on their Telstra bill. 

Atrium MMS means customers have all their telco spend and lifecycle visible under one platform to minimise costs and optimise service delivery. The cost can now be added to the monthly Telstra bill or billed directly to customer cost centres.

We also expanded our Managed Router solution to existing customers across construction, retail and hospitality; and are delivering Managed VMWare AirWatch and Microsoft Intune environments for enterprise customers.

It was also the first year that VoicePlus showcased its services to Telstra customers at the Gartner Symposium in the Gold Coast and at Telstra Vantage in Melbourne.

VoicePlus project management growth in 2018

VoicePlus undertook a number of special projects for Telstra customers in 2018. Two highlights were:

Project 1:  Intrinsically Safe Deployment of iPads to offshore gas platform

Requirement: The customer had a requirement for intrinsically safe iPads to be deployed to employees at a gas facility offshore of Western Australia. The devices needed to be accessible to multiple users tasked to service and maintain equipment.  The iPads would need to be hermetically sealed to eliminate the possibility of emitting any spark. The Case supplier, based in the United States, would apply a global safety certification and the device would not be able to be removed from the case.

Solution: VoicePlus managed the end-to-end project. The iPads were first enrolled by VoicePlus into the Apple DEP program.  VoicePlus then configured a  Microsoft Intune profile with a kiosk set-up to allow for multiple users. The fully managed device has very limited User Authority. The devices were then shipped to the US, encased, shipped back to the customer for final sign-off and end user training, before being deployed to the end users on site. The project was completed inside 3 weeks.

Project 2: mobile Fleet renewal, Microsoft Intune & Apple DEP Deployment

Requirement: The client required renewal of its Telstra mobile fleet to upgraded devices and contracts, followed by a low-touch deployment of 1500 Samsung devices to the customer's general workforce, and a further 300 Apple devices to the customer's field service staff.

Solution:  VoicePlus managed the bulk contract upgrades and device deployment Australia-wide. VoicePlus configured Microsoft Intune profiles to deliver the Microsoft Dynamics 365 field service management app, Office application suite, and Kronos – a workforce scheduling app  to the Apple devices. The devices were also enrolled by VoicePlus in the Apple DEP program. In a low-touch deployment, the end user had only to enter their company credentials and the Intune profile was automatically applied to push the application package.

Other Case Studies included:


Essential Services at no cost to Telstra Customers

VoicePlus also offers its Essentials mobile fleet management package at no cost to Telstra customers.

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