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VoicePlus designs secure IP solution for banking industry provider

For a business that conducts financial transfer solutions for the banking industry, it is absolutely critical that voice and data connectivity is 100% reliable and secure.

VoicePlus has recently designed and implemented a major upgrade to the ICT environment for a customer who is a leading provider in this sensitive financial services sector.

The Opportunity

The customer had two major issues that it needed to address:

  • an out-of-date PBX
  • an unreliable fixed line provider who also provided minimal technical support

Based in North Sydney, but with offices in Lidcombe, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, the customer was looking for an upgrade to its ICT infrastructure to provide superior reliability and full back-up should the copper lines fail. It was also looking for a secure network environment, responsive support, and a competitively priced solution.

The Solution

VoicePlus account manager, Manish Raj, collaborated closely with the customer to design a robust and secure new ICT infrastructure based on the Telstra Next IP (internet protocol) network for voice and data connectivity.

By moving its fixed line services to Telstra, the customer was able to commit to a monthly spend which would attract a funding reward which could be invested in Telstra equipment and services.

The "tech fund" meant the upgraded environment would be be CAPEX neutral.

"At the end of the day, we have achieved a first rate, reliable and secure network environment for this customer, without the need for any capital expenditure. By consolidating their services with Telstra, the monthly spend commitment resulted in a 'tech fund' which covered the main cost of the upgrade," said Manish Raj.

"It is an example of the innovative solutions we are able to design at VoicePlus, due to our close collaborative partnership with Telstra."

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