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Deputy PM calls on tech companies to stop mobile phone use in cars

11 March 2019 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, has called on tech companies to find a way to prevent the use of mobile phones while driving. 

What we really want from technology is the gift of time

10 July 2017 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Efficiency - convenience - getting things done faster. Ultimately the Number 1 reason that we adopt technology - at home or at work - is that it gives us the gift of time. 

Staff turnover is costing Australian corporates 10% of their mobility bill

22 February 2017 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Studies published by the Australian Institute of Management and Australian Human Resources Institute put average staff turnover at 14-20% per annum. Not managing mobile devices and services for this group is costing Australian business.

Is it worth paying for an extended warranty for your work iPhone?

20 February 2017 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Just last week I heard about an Australian enterprise buying an extended warranty for their corporate iPhones because they had been told their Apple warranty "only lasts 12 months."  At best this advice is a half-truth. At worse, it's downright misleading!

I.T. is no longer a cost centre says Gartner

03 November 2016 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Spending on IT software, services, devices and communications will increase in 2017 as companies shift their perception of IT from a cost centre to an investment in business growth.

Half of us are checking our phones within 15 mins of waking up each day

04 August 2016 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Australians are checking their mobile devices 440 million times every day collectively, or 30x a day on average individually.

Facebook friends and workplace friends don't mix

03 August 2016 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

1.6 million Australians have added their boss or co-workers to their Facebook account and lived to regret it!

Top six new features of macOS Sierra

27 June 2016 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Move over OS X, Apple has released a preview of its new macOS.

Could you go 3 weeks without your corporate mobile phone?

31 May 2016 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

When your phone is a business critical device, being without it for hours is highly disruptive.Going without it for weeks is simply not an option.  Yet a corporate mobile phone repair typically takes up to three weeks.

Internet of Things: Is it a happening Thing?

30 May 2016 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

There has been a lot of hype around the Internet of Things being poised to change the world as we know it.  But is it really a happening thing. And if so, what's taking so long? 

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