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MDM - A cautionary tale

31 March 2015 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Many Australian businesses are paying for a broad MDM service but only using a fraction of its capability.

Mobile Phones engineered for Obsolescence

03 December 2014 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Does this sound familiar? You are just nearing the end of your 24-month mobile phone contract and despite taking impeccable care of the device, suddenly and for no apparent reason, it stops working like it should.

New Hero Plans promote move to The Cloud

17 October 2014 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

From 17 October 2014, Telstra has announced new Office 365 plans to make moving to The Cloud even more attractive for small to medium businesses.

Why Australian business should move to the Cloud

08 July 2014 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

The Cloud is being hailed as the answer for small to medium Australian businesses struggling to manage a growing and diverse IT environment. But why?  What are the reasons that your business should consider moving to the Cloud?

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