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All major antivirus vendors will continue to support Windows 7 post EOL

29 January 2020 by ZDNet 0 Comments

All the major antivirus software makers plan to continue supporting their products past the Windows 7 end of life (EOL) date.

New Dropbox

20 June 2019 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

The new Dropbox is here. Every day at work, we spread ourselves and our attention across more devices, apps, and pieces of software than we realise or probably care to admit. And each time we transfer from one to another, we lose time or concentration or that ever so precious workflow, we sometimes struggle to achieve. The new Dropbox aims to stop these by condensing as much of our working days into one user and software friendly platform.

NSW Government on recruitment drive for tech experts

12 November 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

The NSW government is on a hiring blitz, aiming to recruit more than 30 digital experts to work on cross-government collaborations for digital service delivery.

So you've bought a business Mobile Application - now what?

16 April 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Australian business is increasingly using mobile and IOT applications in the workplace. Having made the decision to purchase, they are often finding the application vendors' offer limited device support.

iPhone 8: all will be revealed on 12 September

31 August 2017 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

 Strong rumours are spreading across the globe that the iPhone 8 will be revealed by Apple at an event on Tuesday 12 September.

Government 'back down' on visas for senior IT roles is lucky for NBN

18 July 2017 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

When the Australian Government cancelled the 457 visa in April, it put American-born NBN Co. CEO, Bill Morrow, in an awkward position. Now the Government has backed down and revised the new legislation to protect senior IT workers.

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