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Atrium MMS / MES - Now Integrated with Intune

19 May 2020 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

VoicePlus has successfully integrated Atrium Managed Mobility Services with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) using Microsoft Graph API. Administrators of Intune are aware that it's difficult to extract or view all the EMM profiles created. The new dashboard provides a quick overview of devices enrolled, Status, Ownership, Compliance, Platform, Encryption Status and Device Storage.

The rise of the citizen data scientist

15 July 2019 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

The rise of the citizen data scientist. The world of data is growing exponentially every day - the places we capture it, the means of collecting it and of course, the many many uses for it. However, as the data boom has been so fast and so recent, the world is struggling to provide an ample number of data scientists that can put this data to proper use.

Video: How Cambridge Analytica used Facebook data to influence a nation

23 March 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Cambridge Analytica's former Director of Research, turned whistle-blower, Christopher Wyllie, explains to Britain's Channel 4 News how the data from 50 million Facebook users was used to influence the US election.

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