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Samsung presents new devices at Ivy Launch Event

01 October 2015 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

By VoicePlus Sales Support Manager, Alyssa Barmonde

It's no secret that New Phone Season is here.

Everywhere you look there is an ad for the next best mobile device. "Bigger Screen!" "Faster Processor!" "400 Megapixel Camera!" Okay, maybe that last one is a little exaggerated but a girl can dream.

Competition is fierce within the Telecom Market. Leading companies must be on their A game when it comes to delivering a new device and successfully tick all the end-user's boxes. I was lucky enough to be invited to the Samsung Launch of their newest Business-Ready products. Needless to say I was very impressed.

The event was held at the prestigious venue - The Ivy Sunroom. As you walked in you were greeted by bright sunshine, bubbly smiling faces, and of course some real bubbly.  Danny Mandrides, Head of Enterprise Mobility for Samsung, welcomed us and introduced the three training stations we would experience. So off we went, with bubbly in hand - and a belly full of mushroom empanadas, king prawn cocktails, and mini bacon cheeseburgers!

Station 1 - The Cafe

First station I arrived at was for the Samsung S6 Edge+. The station was set up as a cafe because we all know that serious work often happens in a relaxed environment. First glance at this device it's gorgeous. Slightly larger than the first gen of the Edge series with a 5.7" super AMOLED screen. This beauty is also packed with selfie-loving 5MP front camera, and a 16MP back camera when one is feeling less narcissistic. The differentiating factor on the S6 Edge+ is the obvious curved front screen. Not only is it aesthetically amazing it serves a very useful purpose. 

Picture yourself in a business meeting at a café with one of your most prized clients. You hang on to their every word and give them your full attention. BAM! Your phone starts ringing. Great you're THAT person whose phone is blaring 'Endless Love.'You embarrassingly fumble for the reject button as you send your significant other straight to voicemail. The client is highly unimpressed.

Cue the phone of your dreams complete with "People Edge." A handy little tab either side of your Edge+ which enables you to set colour coordinated favourites. Set up to 5 contacts (each with their own designated colour.)

Now travel back in time to the café; you have your phone politely turned face down, as to not distract your client. The edge of your phone starts lighting up red. You instantly know you must excuse yourself to speak with your boss. Alternatively, you can reject the big man's call simply by pressing your finger over the sensor on the back camera. Zero interruption. Client relationship saved. This is only one of many great features of the new S6 Edge+. Bravo, Samsung!

Station 2 - The Construction Site Office

Should I mention that at this point, I trade my bubbly for a thirst-quenching ginger beer mocktail! I arrive at the next station. Ready to learn all about the Galaxy Note 5.

This 5.7" pixel-rich baby is a productivity machine!  Complete with the world renowned S-Pen. I never knew such a tiny piece of metal could be such a WOW factor.

Imagine this - your phone is in your pocket and the Architect you're working with starts rattling off measurements, phone numbers, and what he's had for lunch. You know it's important, so you whip your phone out, simply click the S-Pen out of the device, and instantly start jotting everything you need to know right on your screen. (Sans Architect's meat pie and beer.) Voila! You save the note and move along.

The S-Pen can do so much more than just jot notes. Including drawing on pictures & maps, dragging and dropping text/photos while multi-window multi-tasking, and the ingenious little thing allows you to select multiple items! Yes! Finally! Now you can send Grandma all 72 pictures of you and the fam on your weekend away with the swipe of a pen gesture! This phone is awesome. And pre-loaded with 130GB of free Microsoft OneDrive storage ain't too bad either. A top contender in the vast world of productivity-focused business devices.

Station 3 - The Airport Lounge

The music starts playing and I dance onto the next station - nothing to do with the drinks I promise. Warmly welcomed into Samsung's staged "Business Lounge." It's here where I will be introduced to the latest Galaxy tablet. The Tab S2. I know by now I sound like a broken record but WOW.

The S2 comes in two sizes. A powerful Octa-Core 8" that boasts up to 14 hours battery life, and its 9.7" crystal clear, bigger brother. Both tabs are crazy lightweight. I'm talkin' under 300gm for the little brother, and only a mere 392gm for the larger one. And get this 5.6mm thin.

But don't let the size of these guys underestimate their power. Complete with Microsoft Office, this device is great for editing and creating while you're on the go. It also includes 100GB on OneDrive free for two years!! All the backup storage you need for your work docs. No more blaming your groggy old PC for deleting your Friday afternoon presentation, you'll have to come up with a new excuse.

One of the best features on this device? The book cover keyboard. This little clip-on keyboard transforms your tablet into an extremely portable laptop. Those laptop companies should fear the Tab S2. There's almost nothing this lightning fast tablet can't do!

Come again please

I was sad to see the event come to an end but ecstatic when I was told I can take home a doggy bag filled with mouth-watering brownie bites, glitter engulfed mini macarons, home-made honeycomb and an endless supply of white chocolate covered popcorn.

Please don't tell Samsung I took two baggies home, I would love for the opportunity to return to, hands down, one of the most interactive, informative, tasteful device launches this year.

Well done, Samsung. I left with a brain full of knowledge, a belly full of eats, and a serious need for a few new devices.


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