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NBN cut-off date hangs over 100,000 homes and businesses

01 February 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

The end of January signalled the cut-off date for almost 100,000 homes and businesses required to move to the NBN or lose their phone and internet lines.

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An NBN Co spokeswoman said there were around 97,000 premises that reached the end of their migration window in January 2018, and who had yet to move to NBN.

"The take-up rate across these areas is on track to meet NBN Co’s target of approximately 73 to 75 per cent connected homes and businesses at the end of the 18 month migration window." 

"For those yet to make the switch, it’s important to know that accessing services over the NBN network is not automatic."

The suburbs with most premises yet to act are spread across the country, and seem mainly to be residential addresses.

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NBN urge consumers to switch earlier

NBN Co. are urging consumers not to leave their switch over to the last minute or risk being without landlines and internet.

Don't wait to the last minute to switch warns NBN

There is usually a surge of activity within the first six months of the NBN being available to connect to, and then right before the end of the 18 month cut-off period.

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Optus taken to Court by ACCC for migrating consumers 'too soon'

The switch to the NBN has seen some providers land themselves in hot water with the regulator over when to turn off customers' services.

In December, Optus was taken to court by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission over allegations the provider misled 20,000 customers by telling some they needed to switch to the NBN sooner than was necessary and in some cases switched off their services before it had to do so.

An Optus spokesperson said it made the decision in late-2016 to move customers off its broadband cable network to the NBN as soon as the area was serviceable.

"During this process, we provided some customers with insufficient notice of their options to migrate. As a result, some customers were disconnected before they migrated to the NBN," the spokesperson said.

The latest roll out data from the NBN Co shows 3.35 million premises were activated in December, 6.05 million were ready to connected and 7.02 million were in ready for service areas. 

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