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NBN Co. has started disconnecting customers

26 February 2018 by Michelle Lewis 0 Comments

Eligible businesses who have not transitioned to the nbn are now being cut-off. They will face a 3-4 month wait for new lines to be connected and will lose their previous phone number(s).

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  • If your lines are disconnected, you can not 'get them back.'
  • If you are disconnected, new lines have to be ordered and connected.
  • This will likely take at least 3-4 months to complete.
  • You will also lose your previous phone number.

Last week a business customer known to VoicePlus had his phone lines disconnected by Telstra at the order of nbn Co.

He had ignored 18 months of warnings - letters, emails, phone calls - and put the whole issue in the too-hard basket because, "all I heard was bad things about nbn so I decided to wait and see if it got any better". 

It has not! In fact it has gotten infinitely worse.

VoicePlus is now looking at how to help him manage his business communications while waiting at least 3 months for new lines to be connected. He will also lose his previous phone number.


nbn is happening now!

Moving to the nbn is fast becoming a reality for many Australian businesses as copper line disconnections began in earnest in January. 

The nbn was rolled out to 30 percent of all premises, and is scheduled to be roll out to 50 percent of premises by June 2018. The target is for every address in Australia to have access to the nbn by 2020.

nbn Cut-off Date hangs over 100,000 homes and businesses


Moving to nbn is a time-consuming process

Time! Migrating takes time. There is a lot to do...

  • ensuring your existing telephony equipment is nbn-compatible
  • working out what your future ICT requirements will be
  • choosing a service provider and plan
  • arranging appointments with nbn Co. and Telstra (lots of time on the telephone here)
  • deciding where your equipment will be located
  • managing the cut-over

For an overview of all the things you need to plan for see the VoicePlus 3-Step Checklist to get nbn-Ready



 How to transition your business to the nbn

VoicePlus offers nbn Transition package

VoicePlus has managed the transition of more than two thousand sites to the nbn. We have a specialist team to manage migrations.

Consider outsourcing this task if your internal IT team already has its hands full and lacks the time or resources for the project.

VoicePlus Managing Director, Michael Giffney explains:

“We have several large enterprise customers who have begun the process of transitioning their sites all across Australia to the nbn.

"The key to a successful migration is careful planning and project management. It is crucial to be on top of the details of each site migration, especially the coordination of onsite technicians from both nbn Co. and Telstra.

"In many cases, the transition will cause telecommunications to be disrupted for a very short time. However, if the onsite visits of the two technicians has not been coordinated, or if equipment is not compatible, a site could lose communications for several days. If a site has been disconnected, it will  be months before new lines can be connected.

"VoicePlus coordinates with the business, with nbn Co. and with Telstra, to ensure a smooth transition without disruption."

What's involved in a Managed nbn Transition ?

You must take the initiative in organising your move to the nbn. It does not just happen.

VoicePlus offers two professional service modules for transitioning to the nbn, as well as an add-on Site Network Audit service module.

  • Managed nbn Transition Service

VoicePlus project manages and implements every aspect of the nbn transition process delivering weekly status updates and driving to a successful completion with minimal input required from the business. We audit the existing infrastructure, collaborate to understand future requirements, supply equipment and manage all the liaison with Telstra and nbn Co. to complete the migration of physical lines and nbn voice and data services. See Scope of Work | Case Studies | Pricing

  • nbn Order Lodgement Support

VoicePlus will liaise with the business to understand your network - voice and data - requirements. VoicePlus will then create the nbn order, completing all forms and lodging the order with Telstra. VoicePlus will then hand over the order details to the business to manage the implementation. This module is suited to small businesses with simple requirements and the resources to coordinate the nbn Co. and Telstra technicians onsite appointments. Pricing

  • nbn-Ready Site Network Audit 

This is an optional add-on module for sites that require an on-site technician to document their current infrastructure, test that existing equipment is NBN-compatible, resolve any existing issues with lines and connectivity, and prepare a network diagram/plan for the new NBN infrastructure.

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