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Latest Updates to Intune

28 April 2021 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

App management

Microsoft 365 Apps for macOS devices are now universal apps

When you deploy Microsoft 365 Apps for macOS devices from Microsoft Endpoint Manager, it now deploys the new universal versions of the app that runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs. The same deployment will install the x64 versions of the app on Intel Macs running macOS 10.14 and higher. To add Microsoft 365 Apps for macOS, in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center > Apps > All apps > Add. Select macOS in the App type list under Microsoft 365 Apps. For related information, see Assign Microsoft 365 to macOS devices with Microsoft Intune.

Additional configuration keys for the Microsoft Launcher app

You can now set folder configuration settings for Microsoft Launcher on Android Enterprise corporate owned fully managed devices. By using an app configuration policy and configuration key values, you can set values for folder shape, folder opened to full screen, and folder scroll direction. Also, you can position the folder on the home screen in addition to positioning apps and weblinks. Additionally, you can choose to allow end users to modify the folder style values within the app. For more information about Microsoft Launcher, see Configure Microsoft Launcher for Android Enterprise with Intune.

Device configuration

More Microsoft Edge settings, and setting categories are removed in Settings Catalog for macOS

On macOS devices, you can use the Settings Catalog to configure Microsoft Edge version 77 and newer (Devices > Configuration profiles > Create profile > macOS for platform > Settings Catalog).

In this release:

  • More Microsoft Edge settings are added.
  • Temporarily, the setting categories are removed. To find a specific setting, use the Microsoft Edge - All category, or search for the setting name. For a list of settings, see Microsoft Edge - Policies.

For more information on the Settings Catalog, see Use the settings catalog to configure settings.

Applies to:

  • macOS
  • Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 in cloud configuration is available as a Guided Scenario

Windows 10 in cloud configuration is a Microsoft-recommended device configuration for Windows 10. Windows 10 in cloud configuration is optimized for the cloud and designed for users with focused workflow needs.

There's a guided scenario that automatically adds the apps, and creates the policies that configures your Windows 10 devices in a cloud configuration.

For more information, see Guided scenario for Windows 10 in cloud configuration.

Applies to:

  • Windows 10 and newer

Device management

Previously, we recommended that you don't exceed 60,000 iOS/iPadOS or macOS devices per Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) token. This recommended limit is now increased to 200,000 devices per token. For more information about ADE tokens, see Automatically enroll iOS/iPadOS devices by using Apple's Automated Device Enrollment.

Update of column names in All devices view and Export report

To accurately reflect the data in the columns, we've updated the column names in the All devices view and the Export report to be "Primary User UPN", "Primary User email address", and "Primary User display name".

End of support for Internet Explorer 11

Intune will end support for Internet Explorer 11 admin access to the Admin Portal web app UI on March 31, 2021. Move to Edge or another supported browser before that time to administer any of your Microsoft services built on Azure.

Device security

Health status details for Microsoft Tunnel Gateway servers

We've added the ability to see detailed heath status information for Tunnel Gateway servers within the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

On the new Health check tab, you'll see the following information:

  • Last check-in - When the server last checked-in with Intune.
  • Number of current connections - The number of active connections at last check-in
  • Throughput- The megabits per second that traverse the serves NIC at last check-in.
  • CPU usage - The average CPU use.
  • Memory usage - The average memory use.
  • Latency - The average time for IP packets to traverse the NIC.
  • TLS certificate expiration status and days before expiration - How long the TLS certificate that secures client to server communication for the tunnel remains valid.

Public preview of Tunnel client functionality in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint app for Android

As announced at Ignite, Microsoft Tunnel client functionality is migrating into the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint app. With this preview, you can start to use a preview version of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint as the Tunnel app for supported devices. The existing Tunnel client remains available, but will eventually be phased out in favor of the Defender for Endpoint app.

This public preview applies to:

  • Android Enterprise
    • Fully managed
    • Corporate-owned work profile
    • Personally-owned work profile

For this preview, you must opt in to gain access to the preview version of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and then migrate supported devices from the standalone Tunnel client app to the preview app. For details, see Migrate to the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint app.

Intune apps

Microsoft Launcher configuration keys

For Android Enterprise fully managed devices, the Microsoft Launcher for Intune app now provides additional customization. In Launcher, you can configure the set of displayed apps and weblinks, as well as the order of these apps and weblinks. The displayed app list and position (order) of app configurations have been merged together to simplify home screen customization. For more information, see Configure Microsoft Launcher.

Microsoft Edge for macOS devices will be a universal app

When you deploy the Microsoft Edge app for macOS devices from Microsoft Endpoint Manager, it now deploys the new universal version of the app that runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs. The same deployment will install the x64 version of the app on Intel Macs. To add Microsoft Edge for macOS, in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center > Apps > All apps > Add. Select macOS in the App type list under Microsoft Edge, version 77 and later. For related information, see Add Microsoft Edge to macOS devices using Microsoft Intune.

Newly available protected apps for Intune

The following protected apps are now available for Microsoft Intune:

  • FleetSafer by Cogosense Technology Inc.
  • Senses by Mazrica Inc.
  • Fuze Mobile for Intune by Fuze, Inc.
  • MultiLine for Intune by Movius Interactive Corporation

For more information about protected apps, see Microsoft Intune protected apps.

Improved notification experience in the iOS/iPadOS Company Portal app

The Company Portal app can now store, as well as display, push notifications sent to your users' iOS/iPadOS devices from the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. Users who have opted in to receive Company Portal push notifications can view and manage the customized stored messages that you send to their devices in the Notifications tab of the Company Portal. For related information, see How to customize the Intune Company Portal apps, Company Portal website, and Intune app.


Export localized Intune report data using Graph APIs

You can now specify that the report data that you export using the Microsoft Endpoint Manager reporting export API can contain localized columns only, or localized and non-localized columns. The localized and non-localized columns option will be selected by default for most reports, which will prevent breaking changes. For related information about reports, see Export Intune reports using Graph APIs and Intune reports and properties available using Graph API.

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