VoicePlus Transition to Independent Managed Mobile Provider


18 August 2022

VoicePlus, an Australian provider of managed mobility service, fixed line data, and data and endpoint services to business clients, has announced it has successfully shifted from a carrier-aligned managed mobility and endpoint partner to an independent provider. The transition has occurred over the past year and has resulted in successful outcomes for VoicePlus clients looking to improve business outcomes.

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VoicePlus has served business clients in Australia for over twenty years. For fifteen years, VoicePlus was a Telstra partner, offering exceptional mobility and data services to clients across the continent. In 2021, VoicePlus became an independent managed mobile and endpoint specialist to continue its track record of excellence while enhancing its relationship-building capabilities.

As part of its independent managed mobility service portfolio, VoicePlus offers telecom expense management, managed mobile service, mobile device management and more, delivering an end-to-end, hassle-free telecom solution for its business partners.

“VoicePlus is deeply committed to building long-lasting client relationships that bring value to our partners’ business operations,” said Michael Giffney, VoicePlus Director. "Becoming an independent provider has allowed us to focus more on building these relationships with our clients instead of the large corporate providers we previously were aligned with. The result is better customer service for our valued clients and a greater ability for our team to collaborate with our clients to create customised solutions to meet their business goals.”

Since its inception, Australian-owned VoicePlus has offered clients choice, control, and world-class customer care. Over two decades in business, VoicePlus has earned customers' trust across the continent, establishing a track record of success for its business partners of all sizes.

VoicePlus’s commitment to excellence in customer service has earned the company recognition by Gartner, global technology research and consulting firm, as having the highest customer rating in the Asia-Pacific region. It also holds the distinction of being the only Australian solution recognised by Gartner.


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Over the past decade, VoicePlus has created and refined its Atrium solutions by using insights gained from Gartner and its clients. Atrium delivers a wide range of managed telecom solutions, including telecom expense management, managed mobile service, mobile device management and more. The VoicePlus team works with each client to deliver an optimised solution that meets each client’s unique business needs.

“As an independent solutions provider, VoicePlus is uniquely positioned to take care of all of our client’s telecom needs,” added Giffney. “We aim to make our clients’ telecommunications operations as seamless as possible, offering an expertly managed outsourced telecommunications operation that removes their frustrations and saves them time and money."

To learn more about VoicePlus and its managed mobility and endpoint needs, visit https://www.voiceplus.com.au/.

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