Enhancing Enterprise Mobility with AirLink® XR60: The World’s Smallest Rugged 5G Router


25 May 2024

Demanding environments require rugged, reliable connectivity. That’s why Sierra Wireless introduced the AirLink® XR60, the smallest, most rugged 5G router designed to operate in harsh outdoor and vehicle settings without compromising speed or performance. As a trusted partner of Sierra Wireless, VoicePlus can help you harness this powerful device for enhanced enterprise mobility. Let's explore the features of the AirLink® XR60 and why it might be the right choice for your business.


Key Features of the AirLink® XR60

With advanced features and robust construction, the XR60 is set to transform how businesses stay connected and operational.

  • Ultra-Compact and Rugged Design: Measuring just 118mm x 39mm x 98mm, the XR60 fits into tight spaces and withstands tough conditions with its IP64 rating and MIL-STD-810H certification.
  • High-Performance Connectivity: Featuring 4x4 5G + LTE Cat-20 and optional 2x2 Wi-Fi 6, the XR60 provides fast, reliable connections for high-bandwidth applications like video surveillance and public safety.
  • Versatile Networking Capabilities: The XR60 supports dual-band GNSS, single serial connections, and both single and dual Ethernet options (1 Gbps + 5 Gbps), making it adaptable to various network configurations.
  • Edge Computing: Local data processing reduces latency and boosts performance, which is essential for real-time applications in smart cities and manufacturing.
  • Comprehensive Service Packages: Powered by AirLink OS, the XR60 comes with AirLink Complete, offering remote management, security, technical support, and an extended warranty. AirLink Premium adds advanced reporting and replacement services.

Next, we’ll explore the AirLink XR60's diverse applications and how it supports critical operations across various industries.

Applications of the AirLink® XR60

The AirLink XR60’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for various industries. In critical infrastructure, it ensures reliable connectivity for monitoring and managing essential services, such as power grids and water treatment facilities. For video surveillance, the XR60 provides high-speed data transfer for real-time video feeds, enhancing security in both public and private sectors.

The XR60 also offers a reliable alternative to traditional wired connections through fixed wireless access, particularly in remote or underserved areas. Fleet vehicles benefit from continuous communication and data transfer, improving logistics and operational efficiency. By addressing these diverse needs, the AirLink XR60 proves itself to be an indispensable tool for enhancing enterprise mobility and connectivity.

To make 5G upgrades even more seamless, Semtech is offering the AirLink XR60 5-Year Complete Promotion. Customers who purchase and register an AirLink XR60 router in 2024 will benefit from an extension of their AirLink Complete subscription from one year to five years.


Streamlining Operations with AirLink® XR60 and Atrium Managed Mobility Platform

Choosing the right connectivity solution can be daunting, but with VoicePlus and our Atrium Integrated Managed Mobility Platform, you have a dedicated partner to guide you. Our team of expert advisors works closely with you to assess your needs and determine if the AirLink® XR60 is the right fit for your business.

Expert Guidance
VoicePlus advisors bring years of industry experience to help you make informed decisions. We evaluate your infrastructure, understand your operational requirements, and recommend the best implementation strategy.

Seamless Implementation
Our implementation team ensures a smooth deployment, configuring the XR60 to suit your environment and connecting all devices with minimal disruption.

Unified Management with Atrium
The Atrium Integrated Managed Mobility Platform offers a single point of control for managing all your connected devices, including the AirLink XR60. Monitor performance, manage security policies, and receive real-time alerts from a unified dashboard.

Ongoing Support and Optimisation
VoicePlus provides continuous support to keep your network running smoothly, with regular maintenance and updates. Our optimisation services adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring your technology infrastructure grows with your business.

Integrating the AirLink XR60 with Atrium enhances enterprise mobility, streamlines operations, and ensures reliable connectivity across all your sites.


Embrace the Future of Enterprise Connectivity

The AirLink® XR60 represents a leap forward in rugged, reliable 5G connectivity tailored for the demanding needs of modern enterprises. VoicePlus is uniquely positioned to support your business's transition to 5G, ensuring seamless operations and superior performance.

To discover how the AirLink® XR60 can revolutionise your connectivity and to explore the full benefits of integrating this powerful device with our Atrium platform, contact us today. 

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