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More than one-third of Australian companies have experienced an outage

20 October 2016 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Will 2016 go down as the "Year of the IT outage" ?

Telstra, the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census, National Australia Bank and the entire South Australian electricity grid...the list goes on, but those big players are not alone in their pain.

More than a third of Australian organisations have experienced an IT outage, according to a new report.


 ‘New catalysts setting the pace for disaster recovery initiatives’, a report released by Zerto and Ovum, has  analysed interviews from 400 enterprises in eight countries .

More than a third (34%) of organisations across Asia-Pacific reported they have experienced an IT outage, disaster or major disruption.

The biggest causes of disruption are natural disaster (55%), followed by IT hardware failure (55%), power supply failure (45%) and network failure (43%).

72% of organisations experienced at least an hour of data loss after a disruption, with 33% experiencing a loss of one to five hours of data, making it the largest group of enterprises.

For those who missed their recovery expectations, 78% of organisations missed by less than 60 minutes for mission-critical applications. For non-mission-critical applications, that proportion was 64%.

No Company is Immune to potential outage

Andrew Martin, managing director, Zerto APAC/Japan,  says organisations across the Asia-Pacific region need the ability to revert back to minutes before an outage, ensuring they have up-to-date resources and files.

“The findings of this report show that no company is immune to a potential outage or disaster and in the event this does strike, the first few minutes are critical to recovering as quickly as possible.

"Disaster recovery plans really need to evolve into an IT resilience strategy... to avoid not only down time, but the risk of brand damage and potential customer loss. IT resilience ensures that from a customer or end-user perspective, there is no interruption to service.”

Disaster Recovery market to hit new growth phase

Meanwhile Ovum predicts the disaster recovery market will move to a new growth phase.

A new generation of software-defined and cloud-ready solutions is driving IT leaders to make disaster recovery an essential element of infrastructure strategy discussions, says Adrian Ho, principal analyst at Ovum Asia-Pacific.

“In a digital, mobile and cloud first economy, disaster recovery is becoming a top data centre investment priority for enterprises across Asia-Pacific. Customer expectation is recognised as the biggest driving force; Customers are very unforgiving if enterprises are caught short on disaster recovery capabilities in an event of outage of any nature.”

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