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Business targets Samsung for low-end smartphones

09 November 2015 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

With a price tag of less than $350, the Samsung Galaxy A3 is proving popular with VoicePlus Enterprise customers looking for a low cost business smartphone.

With the latest iPhone 6S now carrying a price tag upwards of $1000, and the older model iPhone 5S experiencing inconsistent supply; VoicePlus has a number of enterprise customers who have shifted their attention to Android device alternatives.

"Not every employee needs the latest and most expensive device. Our enterprise customers have a need for a range of mobile devices across their workforce dependent on the nature of the roles their employees are performing," says VoicePlus Enterprise Account Executive, Jason Blayney.

"The good news is that businesses can now purchase a decent smartphone at quite a low price point.

"A year ago many of my enterprise customers were trying to rationalise their mobile phone fleets so they would only have to manage one operating system and one or two devices. However I have seen a definite shift in recent months towards having at least two levels of smartphone at two distinct price points. And there is less reluctance to accommodate both iOS and Android operating systems.

"With iPhones filling out most of the top-end device requirements, I am seeing a definite move towards android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy range to fill the need for a lower cost device which still provides typical smartphone features," Jason said.

Samsung Galaxy A3 and Android fill the lower cost space

While the Samsung website markets the device for consumers, the Samsung Galaxy A3 has all the features necessary for a business smartphone experience.

It is 3G and 4G compatible, has a decent 1.2 GHz quad core processor, and an good 8 MP camera.

It is designed to run multiple apps, has a Super AMOLED display and the Adaptive Display feature which can intelligently adapt colours to various surroundings and light sources when using selected apps. 

The battery delivers up to 12 hours talk time or 8 hours internet usage (3G).

With a full metal body the device is also more durable than many of its competitors.

To discuss the suitability of the Samsung A3 for your business contact your VoicePlus account manager on 02- 9334 5600.

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