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Billing and device analytics drive managed mobility cost savings

28 June 2018 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments


Transparent device and billing analytics deliver quantifiable mobility cost savings.

  • Australian enterprise 'loses' $100,000 worth of laptops over 24 months

  • 85% of telco carrier invoices are paid without any form of audit

Mobility analytics

Managed Mobility Service (MMS) makes asset inventory transparent

It is difficult to find quantified data about the number of mobile endpoint devices which 'go missing' from businesses.  Not surprisingly, most businesses prefer not to share that information - that's if they actually know the answer!

However we know that it happens all the time, and far more often than anyone would care to admit. In fact we are aware of an Australian enterprise who recently wrote off $100,000 worth of laptops over 24 months. That's about 50-75 laptops or around 3 per month.

Atrium Device Dashboard
A Managed Mobility Service will provide visibility of device movement and reduce corporate mobility costs.

Visibility of missing devices

Atrium Managed Mobility by VoicePlus includes a UEM module which provides immediate visibility of lost or missing devices. This allows them to be secured to minimise exposure to risk.

It also allows:

  • an overview of asset expenditure
  • number and type of device(s) in the corporate fleet
  • usage by device type
  • device upgrade and renewal programs
  • leases and licences

An online Device Dashboard (right) provides real time reporting data.

The device dashboard works alongside the Asset Register which is a live database of devices with asset, ownership, and expenditure details, which is updated in real time as employees make changes to ownership or associated plans. 


What is a Managed Mobility Service?


Billing Dashboard delivers cost optimisation 'at a glance'

“Up to 85% of company telecom bills are paid without any audit being undertaken.“

 “A staggering 80% of telecom bills include hidden charges or incorrect billing, invariably at the expense of the customer.”

It’s shocking… but these are the findings of two of the most respected global industry research organisations, Gartner and Aberdeen Group respectively.

Telecom expense management is a key feature of VoicePlus's Atrium Managed Mobility Service (MMS). Atrium MMS guarantees to reduce corporate mobility costs - on average by 15% - in the first 12 months. 

Atrium Billing dashboard

Launching a new billing analytics dashboard this month with foundation customer, Coca-Cola Amatil -  Atrium Managed Mobility delivers billing analytics at a high level, with a drill-down feature to retrieve detailed data.

Atrium MMS is a self-service SaaS product developed by VoicePlus in collaboration with Coca-Cola Amatil and allows every employee a view of their own personal monthly billing expenditure.

In addition the new billing dashboard, visible only to selected personnel, allows online viewing of

  • total monthly bill expenditure
  • detailed expenditure reporting
  • average expenditure trending
  • spend forecasting
  • pooled data usage by account
  • unauthorised and off-plan charges
  • top spending services
  • all active telco services segmented by type
  • all plans segmented by type

Under each high level visual, click for next level detail. 

Foundation partner, Coca-Cola Amatil, since 2013

"The customer service ethic at VoicePlus is one to aspire to. The team has a can-do attitude combined with forthcoming ideas about better ways to manage CCA's telecommunications services. This small business has punched well above its weight for CCA."

So said Barry Simpson, CIO, Global Operations IT Services, Coca-Cola when VoicePlus was awarded the IT&T Supplier of the Year award in 2014. That was the first full year of the Atrium managed mobility SaaS being deployed in the CCA business. Read the Case Study


What is a Managed Mobility Service?


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