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Atrium - Multi-Carrier Support

27 April 2021 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Australia’s First Managed Mobility and Endpoint Solution provider now supports Multi-Carrier and Multi-Vendor through its Leading Australian Proprietary Atrium Solution.

Atrium Managed Mobility and Endpoint Solutions reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of End User Computing by providing a single pane of glass to manage:

  • End Users and Business Unit requirements
  • Device Asset Management
  • Service & Location tracking
  • Device Security and Application deployment through MDM / EMM support
  • Telecommunication Cost (Multi-Carrier support)
  • Cost Control, Optimisation and Financial Management
  • Procurement and Support
  • Company Policy & Processes

The ability to offer Multi-Carrier support enables clients to unlock the potential of selecting the best technology and cost options based upon your business needs, without the complexity of managing Multi-Carriers or vendors.





Atrium Solutions deliver ROI to businesses by:

  • Removing the bottlenecks in the Procurement & Support process
  • Streamlining and Improving the Accuracy of Telecommunication Bill Processing
  • Identifying Billing Errors
  • Improving Governance and Compliance
  • Eliminating Waste, through Cost Optimisation
  • Reducing the Cost of Device Purchases
  • Extracting value from the End-of-Life devices
  • Minimising the impact of Supply chain issues
  • Protecting Confidential Information
  • Improved Staff Satisfaction

These operational savings are real and directly measurable on the bottom line.


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