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19 November 2019 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Before 5G. 

The mighty and powerful 5G is rolling into our lives, and a lot of businesses aren’t quite ready. So, use this simple guide to better prepare yourself, as 5G is a big one. It’s going to change a lot, and you want to make sure you’re making the most of it - both at work and at home. 

To say we are all fully prepared for what 5G is about to bring to our world wouldn’t entirely be true. There are a few out there that will have a real grasp of exactly how it will impact life on a broad scope, but the majority of us will have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

A quick 5G refresher. 

 With the correct equipment, 5G is going to bring download speeds that will be up to 20 times faster than we currently experience on 4G, high definition video will always be available, augmented and virtual realities will be easily accessible. Then there are all the applications that we don’t yet know.

 The first thing most will notice will be when streaming a movie, playing a game or making a video call. Latency issues will all but disappear, images will become brighter and crisper, and load times will be virtually non-existent. Next, will come even faster progression of high-end tech, like self-driving cars, medical advancements, and of course, the Internet of Things (IoT).

 What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? 

5G-City_by Samsung-15G isn’t just about faster internet; it’s about connecting the world and the technology around us. 5G will see an expansion in the number of connected devices like never before. Cities will become smarter; cars will become smarter; even your fridge will be smarter with 5G.

 “It’s not just that there will be more people with multiple devices, but it will be machines talking to machines, devices talking to devices – all enabled by 5G,” said Mike Burgess, the Australian Signals Directorate chief.

 Before you upgrade to 5G.

As the market begins to fill with 5G devices, it’s crucial to ensure you understand what you do and don’t need. So, hold off on setting up that 5G network until you have considered the following: 


● Today’s 4G LTE antennas are typically 3x3 configurations with 5GHz cables

● To achieve the full potential of 5G a 4x4 6GHz antenna and cabling is required 

● Reusing 4G antennas will cripple 5G

Power consumption

● 5G routers require as much as double the power of a 4G router

● 5G routers need a much higher capacity internal power supply

● 5G routers require a higher capacity power cable

● 4G routers are not designed for the additional power

 Heat dissipation

● 5G routers require more power which means more heat to dissipate

● 4G routers were not designed to dissipate the additional heat

 High-performance Ethernet

● 5G routers operate up to 2GB/s meaning the router needs to support end-to-end 5G data rates

● 5G routers require at least one 5GB/s Ethernet port 

● Most 4G routers come equipped with only1GB/s Ethernet

 High-performance Wi-Fi

● 5G routers need to support 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 to achieve the 5G end-to-end data throughput

● Wi-Fi 6 requires a 4x4 antenna to attain full performance

 Don’t worry; we’re ready with Sierra Wireless. 

Sierra Wireless MP70 At VoicePlus, we have done our research and are ready for you and your 5G deployment. With Sierra Wireless, we have found a partner that we know delivers. They go above and beyond with both technology and the support you may need. 

We worked together to roll out many 4G networks with Sierra, and now it’s time to step up to 5G. So, should you want to talk more about their hardware, software, or even their AirVantage IoT platform, we have the answers for you. 

And for more information about Sierra Wireless and their 5G offerings, be sure to check out our blog post ‘5 Ways Sierra Wireless Ready-to-Connect Solutions Simplify and Speed IoT Application Deployment’. 

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