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Ten ways to improve mobile reception

31 March 2020 by Michael Giffney 0 Comments

Without a Signal Booster

No signal? 5 simple tricks to help you get better mobile connectivity1: Don't move around when using voice or data on your phone.

When you move around, the phone and network constantly adjust to your changing location. The movement makes it harder to find and hold on to strong signals.

2: Remove your phone's protective case.

If you have a case on your phone, removing it may improve the signal. A case could block the network signal and prevent it from reaching the phone's internal antenna. 

3: Don't block the internal antenna with your hand.

Most phones now on the market use internal antennas. It is possible to block the signal depending on how you hold the phone, so be aware of your hand's position on the phone while using it.


4: Get away from obstructions.

As buildings and structures block the mobile signal, going outside could improve reception. If you are outside, an open area like a park will make it easier for the network signal to reach you.


5: Keep your battery charged at least 25%.

A phone needs enough power to fully utilize the available signal. If your battery is low, there might not be enough power for the phone to acquire and hold the signal.


6: Change your location within the building.

The mobile signal will be different in different parts of the same building. Moving to another part of the office or home could give you better reception. Try the reception at different windows, as a window will not block the signal as much as a wall would. An open window would be best if weather permits.


7: Move to a higher position.

A higher position either within your building or on a hill outside, will reduce the chance of obstructions blocking your mobile signal. Finding the highest point in your immediate surroundings and moving there may improve reception dramatically.

How To Use WiFi To Make Cellphone Calls
8: Use WiFi calling.

All smartphones allow for WiFi calling and texting these days, and all major networks in Australia supportthis. There are many messaging apps available that will enable you to do audio and video calling. If the mobile reception at your location is weak and you have access to reliable WiFi signal from your home or office, switching to WiFi may solve your problem.


9: Identify the nearest mobile phone tower.

You can download an App onto your mobile phone, that will help you to identify the mobile towers in your area and provide information about the signal. Our recommend Apps are:

  • Aus Phone Towers
  • Open Signal
10: Try switching between 2G, 3G and 4G.

Your mobile phone auto-selects the network type. During busy times, changing the network selection to older network types of 2G and 3G may improve call quality.

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